A Multidisciplinary TMJ Clinic for Sydney

Providing comprehensive support for a complex group of conditions. TMJ Clinics Bankstown is dedicated to the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders for patients across the Sydney area. Located in Bankstown in brand new premises and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we strive to deliver the support people across the city need, leveraging conservative and surgical treatment methods to achieve optimal patient outcomes. 

Our Sydney location allows more people to benefit from our unique approach to TMJ disorders. Discuss your concerns with our staff of TMJ specialists and find out how we could assist. 

Providing access to a comprehensive team of TMJ specialists

TMJ Clinics prides itself on a multidisciplinary approach to temporomandibular joint disorders. We leverage a team of dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, physiotherapists, pain specialists and other allied health practitioners to deliver an integrated and targeted response to your individual concerns.

Our clinic’s principal clinician is dentally trained with special interest in nonsurgical treatment of patients who suffer from TMJ issues. Your first consultation involves comprehensive examination involving ultrasound measurement of your chewing muscles to best identify the main cause of your TMJ problem. 

TMJ Clinics is able to fabricate adjustment free TMJ protecting splint custom fitted for individual patients. Intended for use by patients who have failed standard splint therapy, studies show that TMJ Clinics splint can reduce the force to TMJs by up to 35% compared to 15% of conventional bruxism splints.

Our clinic is also a leader in the use of non cosmetic purpose injectable treatments for patients with TMJ disorders. Injectable treatments are particularly effective in patients with jaw pain and headaches related to nighttime teeth clenching and grinding by reducing the size of the chewing muscles. Ultrasound measurement of the chewing muscles is the most reliable method of deducing whether your TMJ issues may be related to sleep bruxism. Injectable treatment is one of the most effective method of reducing the intensity of night time teeth clenching and grinding which also helps reduce stress to the jaw joints.

TMJ Clinics works closely with trained physiotherapists to ensure that daytime and night-time care can be provided for help with the TMJ disorder and the associated risk factors. Physiotherapy deals largely with daytime risk factors while overnight splints and injectable treatments address nighttime factors which are often outside of a patient’s direct control. Our associated physiotherapists are also highly trained in dry needling which is very effective for muscle strain and spasm.

Discuss your needs with TMJ Clinics

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