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A Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Clinic for Canberra

TMJ Clinics is a multidisciplinary practice providing dedicated consultation and treatment for jaw pain and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues.

Established in 2016, our clinics are dedicated to helping patients with temporomandibular joint conditions, collectively called TMJ disorders (or TMD). Our team include dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, physiotherapists, psychologists, and other medical and therapy professionals, offering comprehensive treatment.

If you experience symptoms like recurring jaw pain, clicking, or stiffness, then you may suffer from a TMJ disorder. Our practices are here to provide a professional, comprehensive approach to your TMJ treatment.
Many people suffer unnecessarily from TMJ symptoms without accurate diagnosis and treatment. You can choose to be pain free. Our TMJ clinic can help you towards a better, pain free life.

Our Focus: Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

The temporomandibular joint is the connection between the jaw, and the skull. A variety of factors can impact this complex joint, reducing its function and causing other problems. Injury, repeated strain, genetic predisposition and arthritis are common causes of TMJ Disorder. To learn more, see what is a TMJ?

The symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders can be varied and distressing. These include jaw pain and toothaches, headaches, earaches, jaw stiffness and restriction, bruxism, chewing difficulty, and a clicking or popping jaw. Diagnosis of TMJ disease can be difficult because of practitioner unawareness, or cross over with other medical issues. Some patients spend years putting up with pain, before seeking help, or receiving the correct diagnosis.

If you experience these symptoms, we can help. We offer a range of medical and therapeutic treatments to help you find relief and change your life. Tailoring treatment to the individual, we provide an environment where a team of temporomandibular joint disorder clinicians work together to achieve optimal health outcomes for our patients.

Our multidisciplinary approach to TMJ treatment

TMJ diseases are a varied and complex group of conditions, so effective treatment depends on many individual factors. We employ specialists in a variety of techniques and therapies, to form a complete and personalised treatment plan for each patient.

A multidisciplinary approach to TMJ pain has been shown to be effective in the management of symptoms and improve long term outcomes for patients. For a variety of reasons, this approach is usually reserved for large tertiary institutions such as public hospitals. We are pioneering modern TMJ treatment by making these techniques available to all sufferers in local clinics. For you, this means fewer appointments before treatment, no need to transfer files, and a cooperative approach to your health from a team of professionals.

At TMJ Clinics, our goal is to provide gold standard temporomandibular joint disorder treatment, in an affordable and accessible environment. Centrally located in Sydney and Canberra, we make it easy for people across the NSW and ACT to access professional care at a competency certified TMJ clinic without the need for inter-state travel. Living and working in the local Canberra and Sydney area, we’re proud to serve the community.

Dentists are the first step in your TMJ treatment


Dental Surgeons are the first step in your TMJ treatment. Our TMJ dentist will take the time to listen and document your history and then perform a thorough TMJ examination. After assessing your condition, your TMJ dentist will explain your diagnosis, and then recommend various treatments that will help you change your life and take the first step to being pain free.

Our TMJ dentists have all participated in TMJ specific training and are competency certified by our specialist surgeons. They have been selected because of their skills, caring nature, and their real interest in helping our TMJ patients towards better health. 

We understand that TMJ conditions are not commonly known, so our TMJ dentists pride themselves on their communication skills, ensuring that you fully understand your condition and the proposed treatment. 

Specialist oral & maxillofacial surgeons

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

After your first consultation, or later during your treatment, the dentist may refer you to our specialist oral & maxillofacial surgeons for surgical assessment. Most TMJ patients will not require surgery, because our non-surgical management is extremely targeted. 

The integrated workflow pathway design means that if you do ever need to see a TMJ surgeon, your surgical plan and consultation will be tailored to fit with your non-surgical therapies. Highly trained and specialised, our TMJ surgeons are there to support you on your journey towards health, working alongside other clinicians to coordinate special investigations and treatments. Only a few fellowship trained specialists exist in Australia, and TMJ Clinics is pleased to be able to offer this service to the Canberra and Sydney community. 

Our physiotherapists can aid in your TMJ treatment


Muscular tension and habits can be a significant factor in managing TMJ disorder. The dentist may suggest you see one of our TMJ physiotherapists to assess and manage the muscular aspects of your pain. Our physiotherapists will provide you with a management, stretching, and exercise plan to assist with your symptom control and overall disease management.

Our chronic pain specialists can help you overcomelong-term jaw pain

Chronic Pain Specialists

We recognise that not all problems are immediately fixable with therapy or surgery. In these cases, you can rely on our ongoing commitment to your pain management. The TMJ dentist may refer you to one of our chronic pain specialists, for a thorough management plan and assessment of available drug therapies.

Our medical acupuncturists can help relieve your TMD symptoms

Medical Acupuncturist

Your dentist may also recommend therapy by a medical acupuncturist, as part of our TMJ pain clinic’s multidisciplinary care team. Medical acupuncture can help to relieve symptoms, and reduce the frequency of episodes related to TMJ pain.

Our psychologists can help with behavioural causes or jaw pain


Behavioural habits are another factor which can have a surprising impact on TMJ function. As part of your assessment, the dentist will consider various psychological tools that may help with symptom reduction and control. Our psychologist can help with day to day management tools or general counselling when required.

An orthodontist can help relieve jaw pain related to bite misalignment


If our TMJ dentist finds that your dental bite is contributing to your jaw disorder or pain, they may refer you to an orthodontist for further assessment.

Our support staff are always here to make sure our patients get the best possible resulsts

Support Staff

Our friendly staff will support and guide you through every step of the treatment process. They will always take the time to help as you and your clinicians find the right solution to your pain.

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