Do you have TMJ issues?

What types of treatments are available?


At TMJ Clinics we utilise treatments such as

Dental Splint Therapy

Botox Injections




Chronic Pain management



Will i need surgery?

Very few TMJ patients need surgery. Most patients have an excellent response to a combination of splint therapy, Botox, physiotherapy, pain management, psychology, and dental care. At TMJ clinics we will always aim to manage your disease without surgery.

Will i see the same TMJ Dentist everytime?

Wherever possible (barring illness), you will see the same TMJ Dentist throughout your care.

Do i have to have all of the treatments?

No. At TMJ clinics we use an internationally validated tool to identify the treatment which have the greatest chance of success for your problem. Each treatment plan is individually tailored for the patient. Our goal is to control and cure your disease with the least number of interventions and costs possible.